About Us

The Long Island Motion Picture Arts Center & Museum (LIMPACM) is a non-profit organization established to support the local filmmaking community and celebrate movie history. LIMPACM will serve as an educational, fun and entertaining attraction for the public, and as a functional resource facility for independent filmmakers and students. We are currently seeking a host facility for the Arts Center & Museum.

Long Island has been integral to the movie industry since its conception 100 years ago and is now home to a thriving independent and feature film community. Our Motion Picture Museum will present this rich history and provide a fascinating look at the magical world of movies. Visitors will learn about the filmmaking process through interactive exhibits and demonstrations. LIMPACM also seeks to revive the classic Drive-In Movie Theater on Long Island.

The Motion Picture Arts Center shall provide valuable resources, programs, and facilities for local filmmakers. Filmmakers of all skill levels will be able to interact and learn from working professionals in fully functional production facilities. LIMPACM will also support Long Island independent filmmakers with additional services, including an Equipment Access Rental Program and an Annual Film Grant Program.

We strive to bring the history of motion pictures to life, capture the creative art of filmmaking, and advance the Long Island movie industry. With a growing collection of film history memorabilia and an elaborate plan for a fully interactive arts center, LIMPACM is seeking a final place to call home.