Motion Picture Museum - Drive-In Movie Theater

With roots beginning in the 1930ís, the drive-in movie theater has become a trademark of 20th century American history. During its peak in the 1950s and 1960s, nearly 5,000 drive-ins were operating throughout the US, most offering a variety of accommodations including concession stands, cafeterias, playgrounds, and rides. Families would gather together for a full night of fun and entertainment.

Since the 1970s, drive-ins across the world gradually began to fade away. In 1998, the closing of the Westbury Drive-in marked an end of an era for motion picture drive-ins on Long Island.

LIMPACM seeks to revive a part of American culture with the operation of a new fully functional drive-in, complete with a concession stand and playground. The parking field for the arts center and museum in the day will transform into a traditional outdoor drive-in theater at night. Old and new generations of movie-goers will be able to experience and enjoy the nostalgia of the classic motion picture drive-in.