Past Events - Honorary Reception for George Nahas

Honorary Reception for George Nahas
Film Producer & Business Man

West Hempstead
August 30, 2007

On August 30th, 2007, there was a tribute to George E. Nahas, film producer and business man. George owns Nahas Rugs of West Hempstead, a family run business that started with his father in 1950 at the West Hempstead location. George also had a career of film producing. In 1957, George Nahas helped the late American actor and director, Timothy Carey, producers Carey's cult film, "The World's Greatest Sinner." It is the 50th Anniversary of the film's first release.

Brian Barry, the event's host and coordinator, invited the Long Island Motion Picture Arts Center & Museum to particpate in the day's events. A museum display was set up in honor of George Nahas & Timothy Carey. A film screening of, "The World's Greatest Sinner," was shown throughout the day.

Besides the 50th Anniversary of the movie, George Nahas is celebrating the 80th Anniversary of the family run business. George takes great pride in helping the community by contributing to various local charities and causes.